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Alright my little poos so I just found this site! Idk if you’ve ever heard of it but if you haven’t you can basically pick the country you’re going to and crash for free at a nice person’s home but you have to be able to let others crash at your place too before you sign up. This is good for if you want to travel but you’re like this broke —-> [\(TT___TT)/ help me]

BTW I’ve never used this, I just found it and got super excited about saving $500-$1000 so I thought I’d share X3


So apparently MSI was here and I didn’t even know…

How did this happen?!

I’ve seen them live before so it’s not completely upsetting but it’s just like…they were right here!! How did I not know?!

I need to go on Facebook more :l

Hate Crew!

So the other night was religiously fantastic.

Tyr - I took the subway there so I missed them :/ I’ve never heard of them or their music before but I was looking foward to seein them live. Half the people I talked to said it was the shit and they felt bad because I missed it. The other half said they were “meh" and I didn’t miss anything. I’ll have to catch them some other time, bleh.

Death Angel - Holy shit. Oh my shit. Oh fuck it was completely amazing. They kept making me fall in love with them over and over and over again!!!!! And again! I never really listened to them but now…NOW!! I have to.

Children of Bodom - *ascends to higher planes because of happiness*. Perfect. Everything. Best. Pit. Ever. I think I accidentally flashed the band with my undies when I was crowd surfing ‘—-’ You can imagine how fucking nuts everyone went when they played Hate Crew Deathroll! So amazing! Ah! And they played Blooddrunk! I might have went extra  crazy on that one. I’m glad they did Follow the Reaper and Lake Bodom but I really wanted them to do LoBodomy :c In Your Face!!x3

Security did not have to shine that bright ass flashlight in my fucking eyes just because I was on someone’s shoulders. Like really. If they did it for safety reasons do they really think I’m going to stay up when all of a sudden LIGHT! In my fucking eyes. God damnit.

By far the best part of the night had to be after the show when my friends and I were talking and one of the employees just closed the curtain in our faces. I didn’t even know there was a curtain by lobby whatever the fuck it was we were standing in that wasn’t quite the venue but you could still see. But he just closed it in our faces!! Rude mother fuckers I swear. x)

I’m sore everywhere ^u^ Someone should make me tea & cake and give me a massage.

Almost Here!

Children of Bodom! I’ve been waiting forever and I can’t calm down!!

I’ve had tumblr for 1…maybe 2? Years. I think if anyone knew how many followers I had they would laugh but the small number makes me feel cozy^u^


I could really use 2-3 extra roomies for Katsu right now! People dropped out!


If you’re going to be at Katsucon come find me!!


Getting Desparate

I know I’m getting hella desperate for roomies to split the cost for my hotel room for Katsu when I just signed up for fucking twitter. So. Fucking. Stressed. Why??? I tried to do everything right and do stuff ahead of time and still it turns out like this…I guess I still have a lot to learn about planning :/ 

I think the rest of the things I have planned for this year will turn out differently (hopefully better^u^)

Wish me luck!

Also I knew twitter was a bad idea. I am such a whiny bitch and oh god I hope I don’t get into any arguments on twitter.

Change the World

A lot of people I’m friends with (irl, facebook, etc.) are into the whole social justice thing. Obviously Tumblr has an abundance of social justice. The thing about it is that it just comes off as so insincere and disingenuous. I know many of the people doing this actually want to make a difference…but why?

Do you want to make a difference so at the end of the day you can say you were apart of something important?

Do you want to make a difference because you feel lonely and want to be included in something?

Do you want to make a difference because you feel guilty and are trying to repent or something along those lines?

The reason I ask is because it all just seems like such bullshit. I see people post all of these articles and talk about privilege this and government that, this developing nation, religion, environment, blah blah blah.

I realize that the internet is a great tool for making a difference but when you post that article on your Facebook who is it really for? And don’t give me that "As long as one person sees it makes a difference" bullshit. Come on! Really ask yourself why you posted whatever the fuck you posted. Do you really think the people who need to read that article you posted are going to actually read it?

And while you’re posting a bunch of articles to pat yourself on the back are you listening to others? How do you expect to change someone’s opinion, their core belief values, the things that make them who they are, if you don’t even know why they feel that way? Do you even know why you feel the way you feel? Until you get to the bottom of it you’re essentially trying to have a discussion with a brick wall and wasting everyone’s time.

Studies show when people are presented with facts that go against their beliefs they will usually do some incredible fucking mental gymnastics to disprove your shit in their mind.

If you really want to make a difference you have to get to the bottom of shit; yourself included. Really ask yourself why you’re doing it and why do it in that particular way.

..and don’t fucking lie.

Go get ‘em, tiger!

The nail guy asked me what I wanted and I was like

Me: I want black with light blue crosses.

Him: Diamond looks better.

Me: But I like crosses. Diamonds are boring :/

Him: No no, it look better. It show up inside better.

Me: A cross inside a diamond?? Can you draw it on paper first?

Him: *Whips out a petri dish of rhinestones*

Me: Ooooooooooh! Yes do that!^u^

Him: hahahaha!

Long story short; he was so right!

Enter the Darkness

Exmortus, Omnium Gatherum, and last but not least…DARK TRANQUILLITY!!! I saw these fuckers tonight!!

March to Victory was not there…probably tour bus issues because the other bands had that too. I’m not sure if they were actually supposed to be there but that’s what it said on the calendar and the ad so…


Exmortis: They were actually really good. They were first and I was kind of grumpy from being early and I think everyone was kind of *bleh* too so no moshing or anything but I got pretty into it. I like them!

Omnium Gatherum: They were gggggrrrrrreat! It’s a shame that their set couldn’t be longer because of fucked up tour bus issues :c They still made me go insane and that’s all that matters!!!! Fuck yes.

Dark Tranquillity: Oh man. They tore that shit up. I mean ALL THE WAY up!! And they did Monochramatic Stains, Misery Crown, and…lol Therein. I actually like that song a lot but…just… Anyway they were fucking fuck amazing! Oh my fooch the pit was small but tight like a butthole so it was cool! They had a short set too, same reason :/ fuck.

I’m in such a good mood.

So me and my new FRANS hung around(creep creep) after and met all those fuckers. They were all great and omg I was like:

"So I don’t know if you saw me going psycho during your set but—"

"Yea we saw you." XD I guess I shouldn’t be too embarrassed because they were happy I got so into it haha I’m still embarrassed. We all had a long ass conversation though and apparently Mikael was asleep on the couch with his ipad and I thought that was the most adorable thing in history.

Guys, check out Omnium Gatherum’s and Dark Tranquillity’s new tour buses. So fly.

No but for real I feel bad :c They were probably hella stressed.


I have another movie to add to the List of Annoying movies I’ve Had the Displeasure of Viewing in 2013. :I

Summer Wars.

What. The. Fuck.  I’m just now seeing this and it made me roll my eyes more times than I can count. I’m so glad Fooly Cooly came on right after. :D

How do you make something that should be really interesting so vomit-worthy?

First: the whole “pretend to be my boyfriend” thing that lasts about 5 seconds. What was even the point?

Second: The Grandma. Oh my god they tried way too hard to make her look “tough”. Barf.

Third: the rest of the family. Just they’re behavior throughout the movie. They are all just cringe-worthy.

Fourth: They sloppy ass portrayal of AI takeover. They made it look super pretty though ^u^

Fifth: That scene where Granny calls up everyone the old fashioned way to motivate or whatever. It just seemed like a bad fanfiction that was animated :p

Sixth: Holy shit I’m still going! Okay the whole “Oh just gonna get a super computer delivered to the house. I’ve got this huge ass boat to power it and this giant body of water to put it in”,

Seventh: Granny dying. Was that supposed to be a tear-jerker? Even though you can see this coming a mile away it still feels like they just threw it in last minute. How do you do that? How do you suck that hard?

Eighth: That power up/transformation from Natsuki. And just the way everyone handed their accounts over. I think it was supposed to be emotional but it was just really annoying.

Ninth: The whole “Americans did it!” part. Come on!

Tenth: The end of the movie. Just…no.

The only likable character in that movie was Kazuma.

Sybreed - A.E.O.N.
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2nd song on Sybreed’s The Pulse of Awakening

I never know if the info shows up ~too lazy to check~

Anyway…every time I hear Sybreed someone is mentioning Fear Factory. Can you not? If you’re going to compare; I can actually hear more influence from Meshuggah but maybe that’s because I was listening to them before Sybreed and I don’t really like Fear Factory anyway :p

The city I used to live in had super docile spiders. Lazy as fuck. Now that I’m back in my hometown these spiders are so fucking aggressive. Like damn, calm down. Those fuckers are going to give themselves hypertension they’re so damn angry and scary!



MRA…just no.

They really remind me of my mom and my auntie as kids. As children, my grandma favored my auntie over my mom and it was extremely fucking noticeable to everyone in my family who was alive at the time (I was not alive at that time, btw). Anyway, my grandma always gave my auntie like…

^This is the result of focusing only one gender while painting a romanticized version of the other. Lets do some gender roll playing shall we.

Before the industrial revolution feminism wasn’t even heard of. Why? Because work sucked. It was hard, back breaking, and often deadly. Holes had to be dug with shovels. Marble blocks had to be hand cut and lifted with rope and pulleys. There were no safety system in place. If your ship sank while you were out to sea. There was a 95% chance that you were going to die. (Now imagine women doing these things while men stayed home and looked after the family. Feminist would be saying. “Men have been using women as slave labor since time began.”)

I found that most feminist are so busy looking at the glass ceiling. They ignore the concert floor. Sure 1% of men are wealthy beyond belief. Lets not forget that 6 out of 7 homeless people are men. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to one day see a stat that says “50% of CEOs are women.” Only if on the opposite page I read. “Homelessness has been solved.” Because that is what equality and justice is about.

Yes, in this particular post, I am focusing on one gender because the other benefits from sexism greatly.

That second paragraph just…wow. Firstly, if women had a choice to go out to work, no matter how hard or dangerous the job, some of them would. And no one would say they were slaves because they were given a choice. Men went out  to work not to save women the trouble but as a way to keep women in line. Secondly, one gender doing all the house work while the other goes out to work is fucked up no matter which gender is doing what. What you’re saying literally makes no sense at all :p

How are feminists ignoring the concrete floor when they are on the concrete floor?? They can taste the floor, trust me. And it’s not like I’m okay with people being homeless if they don’t want to be but that is just one of the many problems with this country (I’m in America! :D). I made a post (singular) about one problem. I am not going to write a fucking encyclopedia about everything that is wrong with this country on my tumblr. I was venting about MRA in America because they are annoying.